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Bragdon Farms - Vassalboro

Peter Bragdon, a hay farmer, developed a process to manufacture fireplace logs from low-quality hay and waste hay. These "hay logs" can burn in wood stoves, furnaces or even campfires. They are produced with hay that cannot be sold for livestock feed due to excessive rain.

With the help from Janet Roderick, his Maine SBDC business counselor, he and his management consultant, Randy Labbe, were very successful in raising the funds fo ...more

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Promise Pretzels - Houlton

 Meryem Rogan started Promise Pretzels of Maine right after high school graduation and now, a year and a half later, the business continues to grow.

"I've always liked baking and cooking and I didn't know if I was going fully into it but my friends encouraged me to give it a try," she said. "It kind of just happened."

To take that next step from passion to business required some assistance. She said the communi ...more

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Quality Care Auto - Lisbon

Tony Girouard recently purchased Quality Care Auto in Lisbon, Maine. Tony has worked there for 15 years, and when the owner decided after 25 years to sell the business and retire, he looked to Tony as a potential buyer.

Tony came to the Maine Small Business Development Center at AVCOG and Jane Mickeriz, Maine SBDC Business Counselor, worked with him to determine the feasibility of owning the business.  After lots of due d ...more

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Best in Show Paws, LLC - Ellsworth

 In fall of 2011, Shannon Byers decided she wanted to start her own business. She was working on her MBA at the University of Maine in Orono and was eager to apply what she was learning. She recognized that in order to be successful, she needed to love whatever she chose as a business. For her, that was dogs – specifically, she planned to open a mobile dog nail trimming business.

Byers went to see Maine SBDC business co ...more

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Briburn LLC - Portland

When Christopher Briley and Harry Hepburn IV got together they each brought a passion for architecture, especially for designing energy efficient and livable spaces for both residential and commercial projects.  They characterize their philosophy as "Architecture for Life".  Working with Maine SBDC business counselor Steve Lovejoy, they created a plan that helped them start BRIBURN LLC., a new architectural firm based in Portland that f ...more

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Quality Saw & Supply - West Enfield

 In 2008, Michael Brasslett, owner of Quality Saw & Supply, was sent to Business Counselor Tom Gallant by his banker. Specializing in the repair of saw blades and catering to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, Quality Saw was struggling financially – sawmills were closing, sales were down, business was slow, debts were mounting up and there was no cash. Four employees relied on him and his business.

Gallant and Brass ...more

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Geoffrey Warner Studio - Stonington

Geoffrey Warner has spent over two years and 50+ hours working with his business counselor, Tom Gallant. With input from his chiropractor, Warner developed the Owl, an ergonomic stool that relieves back pain, allowing the body to sit comfortably in healthy alignment for hours. His stools were selling well but expanding distribution channels and profit margins were challenging so Warner sought advice at Maine SBDC.

Gallant helped t ...more

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